13-07-2017 Bigg Boss Episode 19 Vijay TV

Vijay TV Show Bigg Boss 13.07.2017 | Tamil TV Show Bigg Boss episode 19 | Watch latest episode of Bigg Boss 13-07-2017

Star Vijay TV show Bigg Boss 13/07/17 | 13th July 2017 Bigg Boss show | Tamil TV program Bigg Boss latest episode 13-07-17

Bigg Boss 13-07-2017

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Vijay TV Program Bigg Boss 13th of July 2017 episode 19.

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Rates : 9
  • Suhanthy Rajeevkanth

    சிநேகன், காயத்ரி, ஆர்த்தி , namitha, பரணியின் இந்த நிலைக்கு அந்த கஞ்சா கருப்பு நாய்தான் காரணம்

    Voteing for Oviya.

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  • sathiah

    at least Julie can talk openly in front of them about the elimination but the other 3 who were listening to her, now rectifying her as bad person and revengeful human being. Julie is very childish.I’m sure that the other 9 also thk same as julie but never talked out. i thk there are more selfish than julie. Oviya is always great coz she is very unique. She dont involve with anyone. The other are devils….If they not like julie they should nominate themself into the eviction.